About the World Championships Freestyle Skateboard Contest 2018 to be held in JAPAN

Date and time:November3-4 2018
Place: Saitama prefecture

The entry fee is 5000yen (about 50dollars)

We hold the world championship with the consent of WFSA.
However, We would like participants to understand that We will be hosting contests of Japanese style due to various circumstances.

It is somewhat different from holding in WFSA guidelines, but please be consented.

It is a mixed contest of professional class and amateur class

There is no classification.
We judge without dividing amateurs and professionals and give points.

The competitor will make a 2 minute run twice.
The better point is adopted and the ranking is decided.

And competitor from the top to the 16th place will qualify for the next day’s tournament festival.

November 3: World Championship
November 4: World Championship Tournament (JFSA)

Judges will be organized by 3 people.
Everything is Japanese. Both are experienced freestyler.
Each of the three judges scores one category.
The scoring method is the sum total of with three elements of technical,composition,artistic.

Competitors be sure to bring CDs for songs during skating. MP4 and sound source data can not be used.

Contest in Japan can not afford wide venues and lot of prizes like World Round-up. However, it is very exciting to skate with many audiences.

The extent of the place where the contest takes place is about 13 m × 13 m square.
The road surface arranges the composite panel.
Please refer to last year’s the movie.

Participants from abroad do not have so much time for entry.
However, Japanese contests have received highest praise from overseas participants.
We are waiting for your entries.

Please fill in the entry form,Also send us your face picture as well.
The size of the photo is up to 2MB.

Details will be announced at a later date.

Thank you


Entry acceptance closed 2018/10/1